Love & Roses Gin Tasting Kit

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Are you a gin lover? Want to surprise a loved one for Valentines Day? Try our gin tasting kit with three divine flavoured gins with matching tonic delivered straight to your door!
Feeling stressed? Try the Lavender gin! Fancying something subtle and sweet? Pour yourself a Rose gin! Know someone who likes is zesty? Go for an Elderflower gin! A tipple for every mood, this kit has everything a gin lover needs!
£34.99 for 6 double measure gin and tonics including:
100ml Rose Gin
100ml Lavender Gin
100ml Elderflower Gin
2 Can FeverTree Aromatic Tonic
2 Can FeverTree Light Tonic
2 Can FeverTree Elderflower Tonic
2 Crystal Cut Tumblers
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Alcohol is provided free of change within the gift set.

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